On the Holiness of the Pope and His Accused ‘Anti-Christness’

The Pope has always been a creature and not the Creator. Our holy church has always affirmed this. His title “His Holiness” is relative term, I mean he is holy in relation to human beings, but before God every human being and as such the Pope is also a sinner and not “holy”. But here is the explanation of his title “holiness”- If the land where God revealed himself, Exo 3:5, was holy, if Israel and Jerusalem are termed the holy land (trips to Israel are captioned-“pilgrimage to the holy land”, again, Mecca of our Muslim brethren a holy land), how much more the human beings -pope, who has the (Holy) Spirit of God?

Over the years people have held and used titles such as His/Her Royal Majesty, His Highness, His Lordship and they have addressed these monarchs, presidents and judges as such. Isn’t it a contradiction to address men on earth, as “your highness” when in fact they are lower?

A careful perusal of the Holy Bible will reveal that some of the titles ascribed to men today were at the preserve of God, for instance the title Lord which connotes ‘divinity’. Only God is King as a Royal, Only God is master and deserves to be addressed as His Lordship, Only God is in Heaven and as such deserves- His Highness.

Don’t worry all these are relative terms, I hope by this time you are aware. I don’t think God is worried when we employ these terms. What we must guard against is pride, assocatiing ourselves with and claiming to be gods as Herod did and paid the price – Acts 12:2. He was struck dead and turned to worms that moment. One thing is certain, the president is not “his excellency”, our judges are not lords, and our MPs are not honourables in inasmuch as these titles would refer to God.  In fact what is excellent and honourable about these men and women who hold these positions? Their “excellencies and honour” are in relation to the office they hold and the people they represent – the president as the first gentleman and the MPs as representatives in the various constituencies.

However, with regards to the title “his holiness” used by Catholics, these same people would like the heavens to come down so that fire can devour Catholics and their fanatics who address their sinful leader as His Holiness. One thing is always certain – hatred for or ignorance about the Catholic Church.

Anti Catholics over the years associated one Pope after the other with the anti-Christ. Some so-called Christian denominations are also part of this web-of-liars. As a result of these liars, so many Catholics (did I say Catholics, hmmm) have left the Church notably young girls and boys in the various Senior High Schools and on the Tertiary campuses. I call these catholics (young as well as old) “Adamites and Evites” because like Adam and Eve of old (Gen 3:1-24) who lost their trust and love for God through one lie by a “snake” (a snake…?) these Catholics have lost faith after lies by contemporary “snakes” and satanists, false prophets who speak lies about the Lord and the true way (Catholic faith). Catholics who by the grace of God have not been outwitted by these lies, I call New-Adamites, truly fashioned from the NEW ADAM (Christ Jesus). These Catholics who are still practising their faith are like Jesus who did not give in after three “lies” (temptation Matt 4:1-11) in the desert, plus one in the garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:39-46) and another on Golgotha Luke 23:39). These false prophets and false churches predicted John Paul II as the anti-christ, but he died, next they shifted to Benedict XVI, but he also resigned. From next week they will turn attention on Pope Francis and say behold the new anti-christ: these will be their allegations: oh he is from South America which is very close to America where Obama is president,(why they associate popes with obama i don’t understand) making it easy for them to confer, oh he was elected on 13-3-13, any coincidence, again they start the gemitrix and predictions. They have predicted the end of the world since WWII. can’t wise people see that all these are lies. Be proud if you have still not given in to these antics. The bible has predicted their doom already, if you care to know read II Pet 2:1-2; Jude 1:4,8,17-19.

By Rev. Fr. Louis Cecilia Adu-Poku


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