Wisly: Hi Fr, I hope you are well? Please why don’t we FAST on Sundays?

Fr Louis Cecilia:
God will not neither punish you if you fast on Sundays, neither will He reject your prayers when you Fast on that same day too.

But the reason that Church recommends this is based on the DAY OF THE LORD.
In Acts 20:7; 1 Cor 16:1-2. Scripture talks about the first day of the week. How do we know it’s Sunday?
Ans: Simple: The Sabbath in the Old Testament was the 7th day which is Saturday. Therefore, counting from below the results are:
Saturday- 7th
Friday- 6th
Thursday – 5th
Wednesday- 4th
Tuesday- 3rd
Monday – 2nd
Sunday – 1st.
The 1st day of the week was the DAY when the early Christians met after Jesus resurrection (read Acts 20:7) because they believed it was the DAY on which Jesus their Lord rose from the dead.

That is why the 1st day of the week became so associated with the LORD that they also called it the DAY OF THE LORD Rev 1:10.

Wisly: but if God command the Israelites to observe the Sabbath ( 7th day) why did Catholics change it?

Fr Louis Cecilia: You are wrong.
It’s not Catholics who changed it. I just told in Acts 20:7; 1 Cor 16:2; Rev 1:10 that the early Christians already met on that day.

If that day was against God’s wish, do you think Jesus would have appeared to them twice John 20:1 and 20:19 on that 1st day of the week ( Sunday)?
He would have told them. Hey please don’t meet on this day because the day for meeting is 7th – Sabbath.
Neither did Jesus reprimand them or ask them to change from Sunday back to the 7th .

( Wisly): But why? Was Jesus not being disobedient to the Father?

Fr Louis Cecilia: Hahaha. No way. Remember, on the Sabbath they read and explained some parts of the Torah ( Hebrew bible what we call the Old Testament).
But on SUNDAY, the first day of the week they read the Old Testament and also BROKE BREAD- Eucharist or Holy Communion). So you see the two services are different.
Till today those who keep the Sabbath ( the way of the Jews of old) only celebrate the word.
But those of us who meet on the Lord’s Day- Sunday, celebrate The WORD and The BODY.

(Wisly): Wow. FR.

Fr. Louis Cecilia: Why?

(Wisly): that is mind boggling. Kaee. I’ll leave you to rest.

Fr Louis Cecilia:
Me, I’m not resting ooo. Another person will send me a video soon and ask me whether the Pope is the antichrist or Catholics are illuminati…

Ahaaa, Fr. About the illuminati…errrmm. Ok later.

Fr Louis Cecilia:
To end. About the fasting on Sundays. In Neh 8:9-10
Nehemiah told the people ” Go and enjoy rich food and drink, send some to those who have nothing. This day is Holy to the Lord. Don’t grieve ( don’t be sorrowful), for the joy of the Lord is your strength”.
The Church encourages us that on the Day of the LORD we don’t engage in mortification ( fast, abstinence etc).

But you’re a Sunday born and you want to fast and pray with the Lord on such days. I don’t think God will be angry with you. Try and communicate with Him, and see if it please Him.

Be blessed.


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