Common sense, magic, and occult

Cecil: We welcome ourselves.

All: Thanks, dear. Are we doing the book of Revelations today??

Fr Louis Cecilia: I’m lost; I think we agreed that if the number hits 450 or 500…or there’s been a change?

All: Yes, that concerns the LIVE TRANSMISSION.

Fr Louis Cecilia: then nothing has changed, or? I’m prepared, just waiting for the “kairos”. (God’s ‘push’ and declaration then I will know what to do. I want things to be clearer, pls).

Antwi: Please Fr how long have you been out of Ghana? Do you follow the new movement: common sense family and their teachings?

Fr Louis Cecilia: I have been out since 2016 (sent by my bishop, anyway).

All: Antwi, what is about the movements?

Fr Louis Cecilia: Antwi is new here I guess? Yes, I have seen and watched a few of their discussions, but never to the end.

Larry: what do you think about them?

Fr Louis Cecilia: I think it is no new thing. Yes, in Ghana, it may be considered new nut actually it isn’t. Let me cite an example in scripture: In Acts 6:9 there was a group from the “synagogue of freedmen who argued with Stephen the deacon”. In Acts 6:10 we are told that they could not withstand Stephen, the wisdom and the Spirit with which he spoke.
If our brothers called themselves common sense, I just want to assure you that in every age, men like these will rise. Some will ridicule the blood of Jesus, “Many follow their licentious ways, and because of them, the way of truth will be reviled. In their greed, they will exploit you with fabrications, but from old, their condemnation has not been idle, and their destruction does not sleep” 2Peter 2:1-2.
For me, such people and their actions make me believe the authenticity of the Bible. This is because Scripture predicted that such people would arise and come to disturb Christians. Read 2Peter 2:1ff. Again, some of them used to follow my teachings on radio and TV. (not as believers but to find loopholes to punch at me). One guy used to call when I preached on RTV.

Antwi: they seem to have convincing arguments, or??

Fr Louis Cecilia: I don’t know what you mean by convincing arguments. But I can say that the guy who leads them has read a lot and his problem especially with Christianity, is the interpretation especially of Sacred Scripture. I have heard him several times debunk authenticity of Scripture, at times even using unpalatable words for Jesus Christ. (Remember, Nietzsche, 1844-1900 the German philosopher once said God was dead). I think the guy has a lot of energy but on the interpretation of the Holy Bible he’s completely off. The Bible isn’t like the newspaper segment you see on the TV stations. You can’t read and interpret as you see it. You need the Holy Spirit to enable you else the Bible will seem to you like an ordinary book.

All: we have heard him several times say the Bible isn’t genuine, it’s fake, etc.

Fr Louis Cecilia: But you must first know what type of religion he is practicing; does he use a book? Every religion has a book. It depends on how the religion sees this book. But for us Christians, the Bible is the word of God, which can be interpreted by one who has the mind of God, 1 Cor 2:8ff.

Fr Louis Cecilia: Let me add some final words and bring the curtain down on the movement. If listening to them makes you angry then stop. They are all over the place now. With the availability of the internet they wouldn’t stop. They will make profit out of their followers 2Peter 2:3. I think he doesn’t force anyone; you choose to watch or listen to him at your peril. But watch out! Scripture has already predicted that these must happen.
Finally, you can all read about Jim Warren Jones. He assembled a huge number of people. He called his movement the PEOPLES TEMPLE CULT. In November 1978 he poisoned about 900 of them and later committed suicide. It was an apocalyptic cult, he professed himself as a messiah ready to save people. (find the story on google Jim Jones massacre of 1978).
Efaq: I want to ask you something Fr. Please is astrology a sin against the church? Why l ask this is that, during the birth of Jesus, the astrologers (the wise men) from the East saw the star of Jesus and followed to King Herod’s palace to inquire about the new-born king, to present the gift of gold, incense, and myrrh. Why did God engage them if they were against God? If they were on the side of Satan, they would have helped Herod to kill the baby Jesus or disregard the divine warnings to go and give clues of the location for Herod’s action.
Fr Louis Cecilia: First of all, we must distinguish between astrology as a study of the cosmic (related to astronomy) and astrology as divination (‘occultic’ practice). Britannica defines astrology as “a type of divination that involves the forecasting of earthly and human events through observation and interpretation of fixed stars, the sun, moon, and other planets. Astrology postulates a mechanic universe, rejecting the DIVINE the possibility of intervention.
The Church taken inspiration from Sacred Scripture has always taught that every form of divination and magic are to be rejected. The reasons are:
1. These practices that “masquerade” as science contradict the honour, respect, and loving fear that we owe God alone (CCC 2116).
2. They are at times means of recourse to Satan and his demons.
3. They ‘falsely present’ them as practices that can reveal the future Deut 18:10 “there should not be found among you…anyone who practices divination, who is a soothsayer, augur or sorcerer or who casts spells, consults ghosts and spirits, seek oracles from the dead. Anyone who does these is abominable to the LORD.”
These were practiced by nations that surrounded Israel. But we know that God chose Israel so that it might practice a religion different from what the surrounding nations engaged in – Deut 7:6 f2f “for you are a people holy to the Lord, the Lord your God has chosen you from all the peoples on the face of the earth to be a people specially his own”.

Efaq: But why were 3 wise men who are described as astrologers?

Fr Louis Cecilia: Their number was not stated by Matthew. Let’s read the text again and see whether your description is true, Matt 2:1ff. The number 3 is associated with them because of the 3 gifts presented in Matt 2:11: Gold, incense, and myrrh. Tradition supposes that they were three (3) in number, but in Scripture that can’t be found.
But back to who they were, Matthew 2:1 says they were “magi”. From the Median tribe they were a sacred caste. They are described as magicians, astrologers, wizards, or even kings.
But let me sound this advice. Terms used in antiquity have assumed some negative connotations among many modern minds. As Persians, they might not have seen anything wrong with the practice. But today, more importantly as Christians, we must subject everything before God and see if He will be delighted to see us practice them. In Acts 17:30 the speech of Paul at the Areopagus has a lot to inform us. Paul spoke “God has overlooked the times of ignorance, but now He demands that all people everywhere repent because he has established a day on which He will judge the world with justice… [through Jesus]”.
In sum, what I mean is that practices which seemed to be right and accepted must be subjected to the Christian faith and belief in Christ as the saviour to know whether such practices are compatible or incompatible with our beautiful faith. Anytime these practices don’t give honour and reverence to God, then they must be abolished, all because of Christ Jesus.
Finally, about the magi we are told that “they left or departed for the country by another way”, Matt 2:12. ‘alles hodou’ in Greek. Another theologically could mean that they came to search Christ ‘through a wrongful medium’, that is astrology, but now they have found ‘another way’ of knowing GOD. This is the TRUE way. Christ says ‘I am the way’, the magi will return not to practice this magic and divination again. They might have come to Jesus as sinners (Lk 5:32 ‘I didn’t come to call the righteous but sinners’)

Efaq: My bro, I think the Acts 17:30 and ‘returning by a different way’ explanation sums it all. That’s an eye opener.

Fr Louis Cecilia: Exactly, Fr Emma. You are not far from the Kingdom. But let me quickly add these: Other forms of practice that God hates and detests. Horoscopes, palm reading, clairvoyance, yoga, magic, use of charms, and traditional cures that invoke evil spirits rather than God.

JIL: Did I see yoga and traditional cures in the list?

Fr Louis Cecilia: Yes, beloved. These aren’t my projections on you, please. The Holy Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit has taught this since time immemorial. Cross-check the Catechism of the Catholic church no. 2116 and 2117. I’m trying to explain them to you based on my experience and opportunity to minister a few years (with the support of my bishop) in a prayer for healing ministry.

sofia: But how come yoga is occult, isn’t it only a form of physical exercise?

Fr Louis Cecilia: Ok, if it’s an exercise why then do they invite “gurus” to come and speak to you? Yoga is incompatible with Christianity. It’s a religion that is subtly being introduced into the West as a form of exercise. Do you think if they come to you as a religion you will freely embrace it? Watch out, please. Why is the exercise not given any other name but “yoga”?? moreover, is it the only of physical activity you can engage in to keep fit as a Christian?
Derek: How’s this different from free masonry?
Fr Louis Cecilia: Unfortunately, this (masonry) is also on the increase, with many desperate young men and women as targets.
Oheneba: Young men?
Fr Louis Cecilia: Yes, young men, lawyers, medical doctors etc. They are deceived and promised a lot of connections and material things. They get into it and realise they can’t turn back.
Fr Louis Cecilia: Great men and women. Have you realised how long the conversation has been today too? Let’s take a break and pray to reunite next time. Let’s continue to pray for each other.
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