An Advice for Those Who Left and Who Stayed

You were in the church chasing every young girl you saw. You dated almost all the nice guys in the church. You saw pre-marital sex as rehearsal for marriage. You came to the church for your own reasons. Never came early to listen to those inspired homilies. Even days you came early you preferred to stand outside the whole duration of the Mass. Now you are not here with us anymore and you stand somewhere and throw back at us as if we didn’t do anything. Didn’t you ever hear fornication and adultery were sinful? You were drinking as if you were a testing officer for a brewery. You fought and cursed the young as well as the old at least provocation. Were you honest in your business? You were deceiving your parents while in the SHS and University, You kept charms and amulets around your waist and in your office…these are not all we all know.

How did you participate in the the Lenten season? When was the last time you went for confession?

Please give us a break! We know who we are. The true body of Christ!! If you have found your way in another group I wish you well. But be genuine there and stop spreading those lies. Rev 21:8, warns such. I hope you have really stopped these things in your new home?? You know the consequences if you haven’t…

Stay blessed and YOU reading this be serious as CCC- COMMITTED CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN.

“If Catholicism is false, Christianity isn’t true either”.

By Rev. Fr. Louis Cecilia Adu-Poku


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